What is a floor?
A floor is a stage. Life’s stage. A stage upon which you play your music. A stage upon which you live your symphony. A stage upon which you stand, walk, dance, stand, move in harmony. To perform upon a stage that reflects your music, you need a surface that upholds your life.
That’s Lucida, where life surfaces.
Core Values
What we stand for is as important as what we stand on.
We deal in surfaces. But not when it comes to human relationships. There, we go much deeper than the surface.
The start by asking: What experience does the end-user aspire to? Then we endeavor to craft the perfect stage for that experience.
The best stages are settings for timeless experiences and everlasting moments. We want our products to live (almost) as long as the memories you make on them.
The earth’s surface is at least as important as the ones we build. The environment should have a floor to stand on and no ceiling for the future of our planet.
In an increasingly automated, robotic world the surfaces you walk on should feel like home: safe, secure, comfortable, personal.
We believe there is a difference between much and too much. We replace the deluge of too many choices with only the right choices.
Life should be beautiful. The look and feel of something is a result of yet greater than the sum of its parts.
Welcome to the stage of your life!