The Echo Collection
Layers weaving and overlaying echo the multi-dimensional experience of life. These FABcore products all boast an end-grain pattern, echoing the complex simplicity of existence.
3501Faded Block
3502Oak Block
3503Umber Block
3504Burnt Block

Core Technology

A stage is as sound as its foundation, as strong as its core, and as stylish as its surface.


A symphony is as memorable as its finish.
EnCore™ Technology is a bespoke 4x UV coat plus ceramic bead finish for super-max strength and quality.


A composition is as strong as its bassline.
CorePrit™ Technology is a white limestone core essence that is the spine of our product


The underlayer should never be underappreciated or underestimated
CoreSet™ Technology is a subtle, adhering material that grounds every plank.

Core Advantages